Where does your brand live?

If it’s not where your target audience is looking then your message isn’t being shown in the right place. So, where is the right place? The late night news? Morning mobile traffic report? Coffee shop with a Grande and a tablet? Laptop-enabled cyber-shopping? Wherever the right place may be, we’ll connect your brand with consumers in meaningful and enduring ways across television, digital, mobile media and beyond.

Campaign House is an integrated marketing communications agency.  We help retail brands and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies build brand power, drive sales and deliver high ROI.  We’ll help your brand mutually engage with your audience with a compelling story and ensure that your reach won’t be limited by device or design.

From consumers’ purchase process, to industry trends, to the competitive landscape, Campaign House knows CPG inside and out.   We are your CPG home for strategy and creative that’s filled with a family of passionate people who cultivate integration, raise ROI and nurture brands so they grow up to be big and strong.  Expect a team who “gets you”, and strategic campaign execution to ensure smart brand interactions so your customers “get you, too.”

Brand Smarter. Not Harder.

We connect consumers to brands in meaningful and enduring ways across TVs, computers, tablets, and mobile phones. We are here to close the gaps in your retail branding efforts without engaging multiple vendors for multiple media needs.

Reach Women & Millennial Consumers

While every consumer segment is different, we have expertise on two of the most important segments: women and millennials. These two groups have tremendous spending power and very unique behaviors that smart brands need to understand and adapt to.

Welcome to the Age of Multi-Screen Storytelling

Retail CPG Marketing today demands much more than just a fresh perspective — it requires a whole new mindset. Why? Because consumers want experiences. Social networks and mobile devices are creating ample opportunities to engage, attract, and convert tech-savvy shoppers into loyal brand advocates.

Welcome to Campaign House

No matter who your target is, consumers today are desirous  of being engaged in a two-way conversation with the brands they choose.  They want brands to be authentic and transparent and provide solutions that are simple and immediate. How do brands do this? By telling a really great story and inviting listeners to find their place in that story.  At Campaign House, we know how to breakthrough the media clutter with just the right brand story and target the right audience, at the right time.

From television, to digital, to mobile media and beyond, our strategic and creative solutions for producing fully integrated marketing communications campaigns are designed to drive retail sales and deliver a high ROI.  There are truly no limits to what we can create, where we can go, how we can do it, and how high we can build your brand.

So, let’s talk shop and start creating the perfect story for your brand.


Jenny Munford from Campaign House
Jenny Munford CEO and RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2011.

Brand Experience

We have been fortunate enough to produce work for leading brands.

  • BikiniZone
  • Legoland California
  • Nutribar
  • Purell
  • Renew Life
  • Similasan
  • Sunquest.Ca Go your own way
  • tech4kids
  • WellSpring Pharmaceutical
  • TheraBreath
  • Voortman