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In the history of advertising, this industry has never been so convoluted. Every day there’s another new digital, mobile or social media platform being funded and created, and they’re all promising brands tons of impressions, click through rates and brand engagement when all you want are awesome sales results.

Stop wasting your money and time on shiny new things that don’t work! You don’t need to be on every single medium or platform to drive sales and build brand awareness. What you need is to identify exactly where your specific target audience is, and then create a singular/synchronized message and experience.

At Campaign House, our media architects find the best media mix for your specific target audience. Then, they design data driven media blueprints that will maximize your reach, awareness and budget, so you can get awesome sales results! See below how we maximized a $25,000 budget and increased sales by 217%! Fill out our form to speak to one of our media architects today!

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217% Sales Lift on $25,000!

Recently, we did a campaign for a small wine company called Borsao. The media budget was only $25,000, and as always, we had to think creatively about how to best use what was at our disposal. Our media architects first found the best media mix for reaching their specific target audience, and then created a media blueprint that consisted of TV, digital and magazine advertising.

The results were outstanding! The campaign achieved a 217% sales lift in 5 weeks. Borsao Wines was so impressed they not only provided us with an unsolicited reference letter, they’re also currently launching their second campaign with us. If you’d like your media planning to drive sales by 217%, fill out our form above to speak to a media architect today!

Lift Sales by 217%

Campaign Experience

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